Shayne Blue is featured in Elle Decoration UK's August 2015 edition. 

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When you walk into your home and feel visually stimulated, comfortable and your surroundings make you feel happy to be home.
— Shayne Blue

What are some of the interior design elements that create that feeling?

I feel like your interiors are like art. Even chairs: a chair is somebody’s art. Art is subjective and personal. I want each piece to feel like a piece of art and to evoke that same feeling you get when you look at art that you love. I think of furniture like painting. It’s just another form.

Why do you love blending vintage finds into your interiors?

I primarily use vintage furniture. I find the quality of the designs to be less generic than most modern pieces although there are some modern furniture designers out there that are incredible. Vintage furniture is often unique and can be very personal.

How do you blend vintage into the existing furniture of a client?

Just yesterday a client had a couch that is really comfortable that she wanted to keep. We talked through each piece of furniture – to see how we could work with them. One way is to reupholster. For example, she has two chairs that are not my style but with new fabric we can bridge the gap—and the client will ultimately be happy. She hired me because she wanted to get outside of the box as she is very conservative. Working with a client is often about finding that middle ground between their taste and yours.

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I work around the pieces I find. If I like a piece, I always find a way to make it work
— Shayne Blue

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